Revitalizing Balboa
Park’s iconic

botanical building and gardens

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Why does the Botanical Building need help?

A CENTURY OF WEATHER AND WEAR has caused the Balboa Park Botanical Building to deteriorate and lose its historic integrity. Without lighting, updated irrigation, plumbing and electricity, the integrity is diminished and the park’s economic benefits are reduced. The facility must be restored to improve and expand the botanical experience for today.

We Are Making

Balboa Park


FOREVER BALBOA PARK SERVES as the City of San Diego’s nonprofit partner for Balboa Park, with focus on public spaces and horticulture, park improvement projects, parkwide volunteers, visitor services, and the Balboa Park Carousel. It brings valued resources to the park as a convener and organizer, raising funds and recruiting volunteers to realize and activate projects, programs, and services for the best interests of the park and the greater San Diego community.

key outcomes

What makes this project special?


The architectural and landscape plans restore the historical integrity of the 1915 design envisioned by Alfred D. Robinson and designed by Carleton M. Winslow Sr. and Bertram Goodhue.


The Botanical Building’s updated infrastructure allows for improved botanical collection management, visitor interpretation and expanded use.


Inside the building and in the surrounding gardens, critical enhancements like lighting, irrigation, multipurpose rooms, and a welcome gallery enrich the visitor experience.
Our Partners - State of California, National Park Service, City of San Diego and Forever Balboa Park